Monday, August 8, 2011

This Old House

The first time Shawn and I went to my Grandparents in Gonzales we saw this house. We both fell in love with it instantly. We asked about it in town and tried to figure out who owns it. Every time we go back we drive by it and hope there is a for sale sign. It definitely gives meaning to the term "fixer upper". I am sure people would think we are insane, but we have dreams of restoring it. I would love to watch what Shawn would do with it. He has such an appreciation for craftmanship I think he could really oversee it's return to it's 1920's glory. I would love to spend our weekends working on it. I would love to have a house closer to Austin.

Shawn's family is deeply rooted in Texas history. He is a 7th generation Texan and very proud that Graysen is an 8th generation Texan (I am thankful I was born in Ft.Worth and grew up in West Texas, otherwise I might not have passed the application process) He and his Dad are extremely cute when they get into conversations about it. It is one of the reasons this house would fit us. It IS located in the birthplace of Texas.

I have visions of decorating those columns for Christmas and enjoying the holidays with our family.
I think about putting a swing on one of the many gigantic oak trees on the property.
I have dreams of sitting on the porch with Shawn in our rocking chairs drinking coffee (me, not him..he doesn't drink coffee) watching our children and then grandchildren play in the yard.
It would be fun to have weekend trips with our friends and cook and drink wine and play games and just get away to a much slower pace for a few days.

There are only two problems with this dream of ours. One, it isn't for sale and two, if it was I am not sure how we would pay for it. We will continue to drive by it, and continue to talk about it, and continue to hope that one day the owner will get smart and not let it deteriorate further. Maybe, just maybe, you will see it on this blog again.