Sunday, May 11, 2014

Anniversary and Mother's Day

To celebrate our 11 year anniversary we had a night in town at the hotel we had our reception at. 

Our sweet friends had champagne sent to our room. It was such a thoughtful surprise.

I took the stress of planning the night away from Shawn (it is his anniversary too) and scheduled dinner and an interesting show. 

I love the shuttle cars at the Zaza. I take this picture every time I stay there.

The end of the night picture.

The next day was Mother's Day and we met the sisters in town at one of my favorite places. Shawn surprised me by making reservations at Backstreet Cafe.

Graysen brought me flowers and told me Happy Mudder's Day about a 100 times.

Daddy tried to take a nap when we got home but we kept that from happening.

 He finally gave up and we ended the day swimming. 

I am spoiled. He couldn't just send one arrangement for both days. 

It was a weekend full of love.