Monday, April 14, 2014

Tessa's 3rd Birthday

This weekend we headed to Ft. Worth for Tessa's 3rd birthday. We stopped at the Sam Houston statue which I had never done before. Shawn wanted to teach Graysen about her Texas heritage.

 No Speer road trip is complete without a stop at Shawn's favorite gas station.
 It didn't take long for Grant and Shawn to do some redecorating while Lee was outside.

 Leila learned to climb the tree the day before and she was very happy to show everyone her new skills.

 I love this picture of these two-in deep conversation while sharing some watermelon.
 Big Popa giving G a temporary tattoo.
 I don't think Addison was happy I gave her away.

 A group hug in the trampoline.

 Graysen wanted to get a pair of her favorite shoes for Tessa and she loved them.

 It was then time to head home. All of her friends watched Frozen in the back with her while I watched the Rockets and the Astros win. I was so grateful for all the driving Shawn did so I could be home since I wasn't feeling well. He enjoyed trying to make it home in 3 1/2 hours.