Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

This was our best Christmas Eve yet.  Graysen obviously makes it amazing, but our day was so fun and easy. We had everything wrapped and cleaned when we went to bed December 23rd. That is a first and a tradition I hope to continue. It was so nice to be together as a family without all the last minute holiday stress.

We were very honored to help our friends out and we got to keep this adorable ball of fur for most of Christmas Eve.

Graysen loved her.

Christmas Eve service is my favorite service of the year. There is something so spiritual about a group of people singing Silent Night in candle lit darkness. I cry my way through it. Every. Year. I am comforted by the sniffles I hear all around me as I know I am not the only emotional female. This is our after church picture.

We go to Mimi and Big Poppa's house for Christmas Eve. Two things are guaranteed. There will be LOTS of food and LOTS of presents.

This is the appetizer table.
 and the dessert table.

The room is overwhelming. The kids go into sensory overload.

Our little friend came with us and I spent lots of time playing with her in Big Poppa's office.

This year they did a kid bow color. It is insane.


We almost made it to two without one of these.

  She really liked them

Graysen fell asleep on the way home so unfortunately we didn't even get to put the cookies out for Santa with her.

The first of many years that we will be up putting toys together and stuffing the stockings. I got to do 3 this year because our nieces stayed with us. It was the best gift ever having them at the house.

So thankful for my engineer husband. Had it put together in 20 minutes and we were off to bed to be asleep before Santa arrived.