Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Santa Picture

 I have dreams of our new house and the Christmas Party we are going to have next year that include Santa making an appearance. I hoped to have it this year, but since it is still being built, we left work early Thursday and headed to the mall. It was perfect timing. One sweet little lady with a tiny newborn were the only people ahead of us so Graysen stared at him from a distance. She waved and said "ho, ho, ho!" I started to believe that maybe we would get a smiling picture with him. We inched closer and closer. Her grip on Daddy got tighter and tighter. I knew it was a lost cause. Shawn wasn't giving up. I finally told him to just hand her over and let's get the cry shot. 

Santa was so cute. I am sure he sees hopeful parents all day. Graysen gave him a good show. She immediately started squirming, screaming, and crying.
 He was no match for her and just gave in to her demands...
and we got the best Santa picture. Ever. We can't stop laughing. It is SO MUCH BETTER than having the smiling picture I wanted. This is totally, 100%, our Graysen.
 We still love sitting with Santa.