Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Since this was Graysen's first Valentine's Day, Mommy had to get her two outfits to wear, and we started Valentine's Day week with this one she wore to Grandpa's house.
I really wanted to use the new heart shaped cake pop maker Leslie gave me for Christmas, so I got everything ready on Saturday, for Shawn and I to have a decorating contest on Sunday.
I got the pink chocolate ready while Shawn took annoying pictures and
got Graysen to make kissy faces.
She really wanted to join in the fun.
Granny even joined in on the festivities. She lasted longer than the two of us decorating which was good because my hard prep work was going to go to waste.
The hearts were cute, but not very practical, and broke apart in the chocolate so I did alot of this...
Graysen was so tired after decorating she just fell asleep sitting up.

On Valentine's day Shawn and I took my mom, granny, and Shawn's mom to dinner so Graysen got to eat with lots of her favorite people. Daddy gave G her presents before we left.

"Is this a new puppy?"
He bought her a dancing monkey to go with the other 100 we have around this house from 14 years together. He is so happy to have a new audience to appreciate his monkey obsession.
She knew there was a pair of shoes in that bag...she is my daughter after all.
"Oh Daddy, how did you know that even though Mommy said she would never own Toms she really wanted Mommy and me pink ones? She is going to be so excited when she opens hers later."