Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The times they are a changin...

We will be celebrating Graysen's 4 month birthday in 3 days. We have packed up her newborn, 3 month, and some of her 6 month clothes. One of the major adjustments in our life is having to control our language. We work in homebuilding. It isn't exactly a model industry of professionalism. We have had 13 years to say whatever we want, whenever we want. It is very important to me that Graysen have good examples in this area so we have been joking for weeks about putting a nickel in the "swear jar" whenever we say something inappropriate. The other day I called Shawn on the way home and he said he was picking something up at hobby lobby and would be a few minutes late. I immediately knew he was doing something with the "swear jar" and I was not mistaken when he walked in. This bear started out white and Shawn spent an evening on this craft project. I think we might be able to finance her education between us, our friends, and family.
This exists in my house now.

My goal was 16 weeks and we are just over 17. I was going to buy some a few weeks ago to get ready for the big moment. I researched at it at the store and couldn't buy it. My mother in law very sweetly brought some over this weekend. I looked at it. I moved it to various spots around the kitchen. I have thought about it constantly. It is my ticket to sleeping for more than 5 hours for the 3rd time in 4 months. It is the end of constantly worrying about where I am going to be in relation to her every 3 hours all day. I won't have to spend 10 minutes in the bathroom at whatever restaurant we are at or hide in a room at someone's house while everyone else is socializing. I can't even fathom not worrying about making enough bottles to go out on date night or be gone at a football game for 6 hours or work for more than 3 hours at a time if she isn't with me.
I will also not have the best 30 minutes of my day in the morning when it is just her and I and it takes her twice as long to eat because she smiles and laughs and looks at my face and can't concentrate out of happiness. I won't have that time where it is just me and her and I am doing something no one else can do for her. I will have to change her
dirty diaper more than once every 5 days (this has been very nice). We gave her the first bottle that had some formula in it tonight. It was so much more mentally difficult on me than I thought it would be.
We tried cereal for the first time yesterday morning. We discovered she isn't ready for it yet but it was fun and we realized the good times that are in our future with the introduction of food.
I love girl's nights. Before we had Graysen I went out around once a week. Shawn likes to be home alone on his computer with the Chinese food he ordered so it worked out well for both of us. He tells me all the time to go out. I have had a hard time doing that because I feel so guilty. I had my first girl's night a few week's ago to see The Help and go to a wine bar we all like. I had our person who helps us every once in awhile come over and take Graysen upstairs for the night. Shawn got to have a night all to himself at home alone. I had no idea the mileage I would get out of that random act of kindness. He was so happy and helpful and appreciative the next day. I sometimes forget his methods of dealing with stress are not like mine and that was his ideal form of recharge time. I will definitely be doing that again.

One thing that isn't changing is the weather. It is football season. There is supposed to be a hint of fall in the air. I am still waiting but in the mean time I am having a blast getting Graysen into team spirit.

P.S I typed this right before we watched Up All Night which I have been looking forward to seeing. Ironic on the language..and that morning after being out scene- fairly familiar as well ;)