Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor Day and Graysen's 2nd Road Trip

We rented a house in Austin for Labor Day to enjoy a weekend of friends and the opening game. That patch of water in the distance was our view of the lake that is 47 ft below normal (and we thought Conroe was bad). It wasn't a bad place to enjoy your morning coffee.
We spent some time in the pool with our little water baby. I hope she enjoys the water next summer like she has this year.

There was an anniversary celebrated during the weekend.
We rented a boat on a very windy Sunday. Me, "Shawn, should we be worried about that smoke?" Shawn, "No, I'm sure it is nothing." A few hours later we would find out it wasn't nothing when we were called and told to return our boat "emergency style" because they had to evacuate the marina. The house we rented was fine but the terrible fires Labor Day weekend made for a stressful drive home.
I actually got into the lake water. This doesn't occur frequently but I figured there was safety in numbers.

It was two boys first trip on a boat. They had a blast.
The captain let them each take a turn driving.
I love how easy little kids fall asleep on a boat.
Only one of these people is actually good with directions.
We had a cook who took care of us for most of the weekend.

We watched the Aggie game on Sunday and I sat with quietly..while Daddy's team played.
and of course saw the Longhorns win in their home season opener....